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Our very souls are our creation!
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I work in the GIS (geographic information systems) sector for the government. With that I manage geographic databases and make maps.

I started to write somewhere in 2009. Since then I've been productive enough with about 3 poems a month on average. I write poems when I feel I need to write something. This mostly means that I write things when I'm overflowing with emotions who keep my thoughts occupied all the time. When I'm in the mood to write I can go wild, I just keep on writing. During those write frenzies my mind is a chaos with thoughts about a lot of things, although mainly focused on the thing that keeps me occupied at the moment. In all that chaos I find a lot of sentences and somehow the ability to write them down in a poem.

You're always welcome to comment on my poems, I don't want my poems to be offensive. I might not see some errors as English is my third language after Frisian and Dutch.
Two and a half years since I joined DA.

At the start I shared much, but now.. now I have reclined in activity. Sometimes a single sentence enters my mind of which I think it could grow into a poem, but I don't chase it any longer to see what it may become. I have lost the crave to write, I have lost the crave for much. I simply live and go on, but I feel l am missing something. Sure, I have my moments of joy and life in general is going well. Mostly though, I feel a bit depressed. Even now in summer, when at first I only had it during the dark days of winter. Perhaps I should write again, let the emotions out that seemingly have build up in me. It helped the last time I felled bad. I don't feel like doing it though, and I don't feel like something must go out.

I just feel empty.
  • Listening to: Epic music tracks
  • Reading: Trudi Canavan
  • Watching: flies circle around me
  • Playing: Lord of the Rings Online
  • Eating: Soup

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I need you
for the beat of my heart
Without you by my side
it feels like a part of me is missing
When I can't talk to you
my head begins to wander
With you I can laugh
Can I feel like a child, so small
So good, so comfortable
Without you in my life
there's a lot less to do
it's boring and dark
crawled away into a dark corner
I'm afraid to loose you
for all the stupid small things I forget
I'm afraid to loose you
when I depend on you too much
I'm afraid for the moments
that you just have to leave for some time
en my minds begins to run
back into the dark cave in my mind
that feels to familiar
I am afraid for my fear
and that one time, it will become to much
I am afraid
Found this on a note block I had laying around. I probably wrote it around the time my gf was away on fieldwork for 6 weeks. That dark cave in the back of my mind started to look comfortable again.
She sat on her chair again, like she had done many times before, tried to look up, but couldn’t. Her neck was to stiff today. Perhaps tomorrows she would have a final chance to look up to the sky and see a sentrin again. She hoped that one final time in her long life she would see one of those marvelous persons again. When she was young she would see them often. It had been a while since she had last saw one. She longed to look upon the sky and see one again flying, no, dancing through the sky. Today was not that day, perhaps tomorrow.

Her gaze lowered again and she looked upon the crowd that gathered before her. She loved to tell stories ,and the rest of the village loved to hear the stories of times gone by. She saw than almost everyone of the village had gathered, except little Johnny, but she knew he was in bed with a rather nasty cold. There were even some people she didn’t know.

“Strangers, I don’t know you, but you are welcome to hear me brattle about the things I remember from the time I was younger.” One tall man with bright eyes, perhaps even white, answered. With a smirk on his face he said: “I’d love to hear what tales you have for us.” “Well, young man, could you be so nice and pick up my walking stick. I’m afraid I’ve become too old to bend over and pick it up. Without it I can’t walk proper anymore and I love to sit on the bench in front of the tavern with the children gathered around me. He walked towards her and picked up her stick. It had fallen over some time during the day. He gave her her stick and offered his arm for her other arm as support. What a lovely young man he was, he even had the manners to help her without her having to ask for it.

She slowly walked to the next building, one hand on her walking stick, the other on the arm of the tall young man. When she arrived at the bench she saw Nelly, one of the children, had laid a cushion upon it. “Thank you dear, that will be a lovely place to rest my old bones upon.” “I thought you could use it,  Gouwe Ouwe, you don’t have the fat my mommy has. So she doesn’t need it now” Nelly chuckled. “Mommy would certainly not like me saying that.” “Well, I don’t think she heard dear, so nothing to worry about. Why don’t you come sit next to me, here on my right.” She thanked the young man that had walked her to the bench. He bowed his head a bit and took a few steps to stand with the rest of the adults.

“Well, what would you like hear this evening? Shall I tell you of the battle that took place next to our village? Or do you want to know more about sentrins? “ The adults said nothing, they knew that she would let the children decide. “The battle, the battle!” most of the boys said in choir. The girls were less decided, but most of them wanted to hear about the sentrins. “I hear you are divided on the subject. I will decide then. I think I will tell you more about the sentrins who lived here a long time ago. I just thought of how I would love to see one of them again. Most of the adults had heard he talk about it a dozen times, but they would stay. Anxious to hear her talk about them again, perhaps they would hear something she had forgotten the last time. Most of the children had never seen a sentrin before and they gathered closely around her, afraid to miss even a single word. She coughed and started to tell them the things she still remembered of the flying people.
Gouwe Ouwe
This is for the character contest of :iconqueenofeagles:

Here is some info this character:

Name: Gouwe Ouwe (more of a nickname really, but everyone calls her this)

Race: Human

Looks: An old woman, bended by age. Just standing slightly above 5 feet now. Her white hair falls around her frail face. The hair is thin enough to see the skin crawled over her skull. Her face is wrinkled all over. You can see the one tooth she still has when she smiles to the children.

Age: Very old (about 90)

Personality: A caring woman who likes to watch the things that happen on the village square. When the day is at an end she likes to tell a story to the village children, just before they are ordered to bed by their parents.

Profession/background: She used to help her husband on the fields, but when he died in the battle next to the town she stopped. They had no children of their own and she started to care about the children of the town while the woman helped the men that had survived in the fields.

Religion: Old enough to not care anymore. She will see when the time comes.
(WIP) Listria hillshade by Wiliart
(WIP) Listria hillshade
Listria again, this is the terrain with transparency over a hillshade (which makes it look 3D-ish).
Listria (WIP) height and terrain by Wiliart
Listria (WIP) height and terrain
I have progressed a bit with my height model of Listria. I haven't completed the entire thing yet. Apart from making a small adjustments, I actually only made a model. That model however makes sure I can make a real DEM (Digital Elevation Model) raster from all the points I made with just 1 press of a button.

I have overlain my terrain map on the height model with a transparancy, to create this. Still a lot of work to do, but I think it looks nice. Don't mind the 'high' part in the left upper corner. I only have height points on land, the sea will follow later, so it will have anomalies like this while it's still WIP. I'll probably have to make a seperate layer and legend for the sea, as the height in seas is usually in hues of blue and those on land range from light blue (low) to brown/white (high)

I still have sooo many details to add.
Stay with me one more night
Let me enjoy your beautiful sight
I'll hold you in my arms
Enjoy your soft charms

Stay with me through the dark
Before my journey will embark
We lay in our personal loft
Inside your hair oh so soft

A little cage just for two
Encircling me and you
Stay with me, just once more
Like we did so many times before

Stay with me one more night
Let me enjoy your beautiful sight
My eyes start to ache
Without you I awake
One more night
A lover is no more.

Sometimes your significant other is away, sometimes forever, sometimes just for a journey.

(Don't know when I wrote this, found it in my stash. Probably around a time when my gf had to be away for work.)

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You were bullied a lot weren't you?

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Wiliart Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, I've been bullied all the way until I went to University.

On high-school ost of it was 'passive' bullying, I wasn't aloud in any group and was always left out. At elementary I was actually called names and stuff. Stuff like that isn't very good for your self esteem.
slendermanbeliver Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

I know how you feel I'm going through same thing right now.

I'm tempted to send them to the hospital with broken bones.

Wiliart Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Don't, it will lower you to their level.
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WhiteFang999 Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
Your poetry is fantastic! It's beautiful! Keep it up!
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Thank you very much, I try to keep it up, but I do notice that I write less poetry now that my depression was better than previous years.
WhiteFang999 Featured By Owner May 21, 2013
I truly do love you work. I'm sorry to hear about that as well, I know you've probably heard it before. I send my love too you.
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izzy3301 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013
Hi I love your poetry, it's really good! I would like to join ur group. Would you mind looking at my work and telling what you think in one or two of them please? thank you!
Wiliart Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Welcome! Off course I will.
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